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GreenAir for Clean Air – to save lives

GreenAir for Clean Air – to save lives

Climate Change

Global warming is here. 2023 saw Antarctica experience massive sea-ice loss, with the world average surface sea water temperature surpassing its previous high to reach 16.5oC. Fires in Hawaii and elsewhere have killed many people and, just to survive, millions are forced to move. For humanity to avoid catastrophe we have no choice but to dramatically re-calibrate our personal aspirations, reduce energy consumption, improve its use and rapidly transit to Zero polluting sustainable energy sources. WE HAVE NO CHOICE – THE TIME IS NOW!


Was formed in 2019 to be the Channel Islands’ Zero emission sustainable airline.

  • Its aim is to provide frequent, simple, low cost and sustainable flights
  • Routes shall link Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney at times that open business & social opportunities whilst allowing all travellers a wider choice of destinations and prices
  • It shall closely collaborate with Aurigny & BlueIslands to improve overall operational efficiency
  • Every effort shall promote the Channel Islands as a forward looking, environmentally responsible and technically savvy jurisdiction, whilst also improving social cohesion

My journey to GreenAir started 50 plus years ago with a Rolls-Royce Aeronautical Engineering apprenticeship. After, as a Licenced Aircraft Engineer, I was involved in modifying, rebuilding and operating commercial aircraft in the Middle East, UK and Europe. Re-training as a commercial helicopter pilot, I flew over the UK, North Sea, Falkland Islands, Europe and the Channel Islands. My wife and I moved to Alderney 37 years ago and now live in Guernsey. For the last 30 years I have researched sustainable aviation in all its forms whilst running my aviation consultancy, Harrisson Aviation.

The Technology

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd.’s latest information is here.


The bottom line is that their Hydrogen-Electric Islander aircraft will be available to GreenAir fully certified to fly passengers in 2026. It uses no batteries; flies with Zero harmful emissions; at reduced cost; reduced noise and increased profitability. Fully Sustainable Aviation allowing flight that meets Climate Change targets. Be excited, very excited!

You may also wish to visit https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-65536806 and learn more of King Charles’ commitment to sustainable aviation. In direct correspondence with Prince William, he has written to me just how encouraged he is to learn of GreenAir’s own deep commitment to achieve positive change for the environment as he shares those concerns. He sent his best wishes to everyone involved in the GreenAir programme.

States of Guernsey (SoG)

GreenAir expects to work in close collaboration with Aurigny, the States of Guernsey, the States of Alderney, BlueIslands and the States of Jersey. Indeed, this is the only way in which the transit to environmentally sustainable aviation in the Channel Islands can be rapidly achieved – as it critically must be – our boiling planet will not wait!


  1. SoG have a very extensive and urgent Capital Works Programme at a time of high interest rates and large fiscal deficit. The hospital; the schools; Guernsey’s harbour; the upgrade to Alderney’s airport for use by Aurigny’s ATR72 aircraft; the replacement of Guernsey’s two fuel tanker ships; etc… There is also concerns regarding age demographic costs. None of this addresses any aspect of Climate Change but does take us further away from achieving vital Net Zero targets.
  2. SoG purchased Aurigny in 2003 declaring it was “…to protect Guernsey’s finance industry by securing Gatwick landing slots”. Broader interpretation has caused significant financial loss. A small 2022 “operational” profit is naturally welcomed. Their current plan is to become a single aircraft type operator by selling the Embraer jet and Dornier aircraft and flying the ATR72 on all routes. To facilitate this, Alderney’s airport must be upgraded at an estimated cost of £24.5m – no quotes are yet published. SoG own Aurigny and are responsible for the cost of running and upgrading Alderney’s airport. So, in this plan, making Aurigny a single aircraft type operator to reduce operating costs (a good idea) incurs a minimum £24.5m enabling cost and guarantees substantial loss on every ATR72 flight to & from Alderney due to sub-optimal passenger loads. Additionally, as an unrecoverable expense, Alderney airport’s operating costs increase very markedly.
  3. GST was promoted to increase tax receipts to pay for capital works. Clear rejection by Deputies and the public has led to Government instability and stagnation. In the short term, reducing
    expenditure is essential for Guernsey to live within its means. A policy that allows Aurigny its single aircraft type fleet and Alderney an air service without the high cost ATR72 airport upgrade is clearly attractive. GreenAir’s self-funding programme empowers such a strategy and simultaneously enables Climate Change Net Zero targets to be addressed. A “Win, Win, Win” for all.

The Benefits of Sustainable Aviation

Transiting from polluting hydrocarbons to Sustainable Hydrogen-Electric flight delivers…

For the Environment

  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • A fully sustainable inter-island air service
  • Acceleration in the achievement of C.I. climate change targets


  • A high frequency service with reduced noise levels
  • Interline links between Aurigny, GreenAir, Blue-Island and Logan-Air
  • Alderney based low cost 24 hour medical evacuation service
  • Convenient access to Jersey’s longer runway & destinations
  • Reduced travel costs that improve social and business mobility
  • A simple, “user friendly” and quick check-in service
  • No need to “pre-book” tickets (unless you wish to) – just “turn up and fly”
  • One identical ticket price for all inter-island routes. No additions. No hidden costs.


  • Improved operational transparency
  • Improved fiscal transparency
  • Closer ties with Jersey, viz improved efficiencies of shared responsibilities
  • Lower costs of Guernsey’s responsibilities for Alderney
  • Improved clarity of the 1947 Agreement between Guernsey & Alderney


  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced passenger costs
  • Corporate separation of airlines
    • Ensures clarity of business costs
    • Reduces Aurigny’s losses
  • The high cost of an Alderney ATR72 category 3C airport is avoided
  • Aurigny’s ATR72 losses flying 27% load factors to/from Alderney are avoided
  • An end to the high cost of Aurigny multi-type aircraft fleet
  • Reduction in cost of Alderney’s Medical Evacuation commitment
  • Increased commercial, business and tourist passenger numbers
  • Higher world profile of C.I. as a forward looking, technically savvy jurisdiction


  • Sub-Regional Islander aircraft capabilities precisely match inter-island sub-regional routes
  • ATR72 Regional aircraft capabilities precisely match the regional routes they serve
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Closer collaboration between Aurigny, BlueIslands and GreenAir that provides:
    • Increased overall efficiency
    • Reduced aircrew and engineering training costs
  • Increased resilience on all routes
  • Increased frequency of inter-island flights

Your Task…

Climate Change is upon us. To avoid human calamity, we must act together to achieve real and significant change. We can whilst reducing costs, showcasing the Channel Islands and making a profit. Aviation’s transit to Sustainable Hydrogen-Electric flight is happening very rapidly. Now we need to enthusiastically embrace it. Above all we must
influence the decisions SoG are making, clearly expressing the strength and nature of our concerns. I intend GreenAir shall be the flagship leading this. I urge those of like mind to join, support, encourage, cajole and take ownership of the changes our children rightly demand of us to protect their very existence. So…

  1. Contact me today at mark.harrisson@greenair.gg
  2. Email Deputies2020@gov.gg to reach every Deputy. Clearly state your view and belief that the move to “Sustainable Aviation” is vital and must be achieved NOW
  3. Join GreenAir and bring your skills to bear

It’s as simple as 1,2,3… Contact me & commit to our wonderful, sustainable future and Channel Island prosperity. We need financiers, aircraft engineers, lawyers, accountants, HR, pilots, media… In fact, all the many skills you each have in abundance. There’s lots to do & now’s the time!

Mark Harrisson, CEO GreenAir Ltd

Mobile: 07781 101968
Email: mark.harrisson@greenair.gg
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-harrisson-5441abb9/

Welcome aboard your GreenAir flight to Sustainable Aviation!

GreenAir for Clean Air – To Save Lives