Worldwide Development

There are a growing number of projects across the world modifying existing hydrocarbon powered aircraft to hybrid or full electric power standard.

What do you want to know?

When will Piston Engine Islanders arrive in the Channel Islands?

September 2021 will see the first aircraft to arrive in the Channel Islands. This aircraft, No2, will start crew training in October 2021.

You say ‘the First aircraft to arrive, No.2’. Is there a No.1?

Yes, Aircraft No.1 will already be at Cranfield Airport in England under modification to become the prototype Electric Islander.

Are more aircraft planned?

Yes. Aircraft No.3 will arrive in November 2021 and join the commercial operation and Aircraft No.4 will join in December 2021.

Why is aviation converting to electrical power?

Electric aircraft emit no carbon making aviation sustainable and helping reduce Global warming.

Why has the BN Islander aircraft been chosen?

It is one of the most successful British aircraft with 1250 made. They have been flown in 120 countries. It is rugged, simple & safe. The original design permits rapid & cost-effective modification.

What will the Inter-Island Flight time be?

15 minutes.

What is the Islander’s maximum number of passengers?

9 adult passengers.

What is the Electric Islander’s flight endurance?

90 minutes within the Channel Islands.

What is the Islander’s maximum take-off weight?

3,000Kg / 6,600Ibs for both the Islander & Electric Islander.

Will Electric Islander batteries be owned or leased?

The electric islander will have no batteries, it is powered by hydrogen fuel cells…a very well understood and existing technology. These, with the entire aircraft, will be leased and supported by a full power-by-the-hour programme.

Can the Islander/Electric Islanders carry stretcher patients?

Yes, and conversion from passenger seating to stretcher fit is very quick and easy.

Can the Islander/Electric Islander use grass runways?

Yes, most definitely.

Will the Electric Islander be operated Single Pilot?

Yes, exactly as the original Islander.

Will the Electric Islander be flown both visual (VFR) and on instruments (IFR)?

Yes, exactly as the original Islander is.

Where will routine maintenance occur?

In Guernsey, by specially trained and qualified engineers.

Where will Flight Operations be?

In Alderney.

Where will the company administration be?

In Alderney.

Why are maintenance & administration separated?

Aviation is a Global business and the Islanders will be a Pan Channel Island collaboration benefiting all islands with each island contributing its strength.

When will Aircraft No1, the Electric Islander, arrive in the Channel Islands?

August 2023 is the planned date of arrival of the Electric Islander prototype. The following months will see it undergoing route proving and an extended “Service Test” program. No passengers will be carried.

When will the first fare paying passengers fly in the Electric Islander?

The Flight Test program will be rigorous and demanding. We expect the first commercial passengers in the world to fly in our Electric Islander in January 2025. Those nine passengers will herald an entirely new era in aviation! How exciting is that!

Covid-19 has caused the biggest crisis in aviation’s history. It’s important that, as the sector builds back better, it does so with sustainability at its heart. Project Fresson is more than just a technology demonstrator; it has one focus above all others: real operational and commercial viability.

– Jenny Kavanagh, Chief Strategy Officer, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions