You say “the First aircraft to arrive, No.2…”. Is there a No.1?

Yes, Aircraft No.1 will already be at Cranfield Airport in England under modification to become the prototype Electric Islander.

Worldwide Development

There are a growing number of projects across the world modifying existing hydrocarbon powered aircraft to hybrid or full electric power standard. Other projects are designing all new electric powered aircraft.

Most of these aircraft are single engine visual flight only aircraft. Most of those are development or test aircraft. A very few are cleared for limited training flights. There are very few projects to develop modified or from new designs of twin-engine public transport aircraft capable of instrument flight. Of these Project Fresson’s Islander design is in the vanguard.

Local Development

GreenAir are in full collaboration with Project Fresson to introduce the Electric Islander into public transport scheduled air service in the Channel Islands.

The short inter-island routes, the island’s geographic location and its mature finance industry are all an ideal match for this task. High quality public relations and media services in the islands will allow the entire process to be followed closely so presenting to the world the forward looking, tech savvy, positive nature of the Channel Islands and all their existing social, economic, business and finance capabilities.

This entire process will be achieved in a carefully planned phased manner over the next 48 months with very high world media attention from day one.

Are more aircraft planned?

Yes. Aircraft No.3 will arrive in November 2021 and join the commercial operation and Aircraft No.4 will join in December 2021.

This is incredibly important for the Project Fresson Team but also for everyone else around the world interested in zero emissions flight. This project can deliver the world’s first truly “green” passenger carrying airline services. The whole team is proud of what Project Fresson has achieved so far and excited about what is to come. I am very thankful for the support of the ATI and our investors for making this ground-breaking work a reality.

– Paul Hutton, CEO, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions