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future generations to meet theirs
Every time history repeats itself the price goes up. Our Story

The aim of GreenAir is to introduce the Electric Islander aircraft into scheduled passenger service within the Channel Islands.

Green. That’s how we’d like the world to be.

Advantages for the Islands

The positive effects of GreenAir


  • Achieve a carbon neutral Inter-Island Air Service
  • Demonstrate the Channel Islands’ will to tackle global warming
  • Reduce energy & material consumption


  • Reduce aircraft operational and maintenance costs
  • Reduce ticket cost
  • Create a stable & sustainable financial model


  • Create a seamless, rapid & affordable transport system
  • Simplify check-in & security requirements
  • Improve connectivity frequency & regularity

When will Piston Engine Islanders arrive in the Channel Islands?

Latest News

We are bringing World Pioneering Sustainable Hydrogen Electric Aviation to the Channel Islands – Because we care… Because we Can… Because, for our children, we MUST! The Time is Now!

– Mark Harrisson, CEO, GreenAir

The technology used by GreenAir will mean that carbon emissions will be reduced to ZERO.

Sustainable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Commercial aviation
Energy costs reduced
Noise reduced
Maintenance reduced
Passenger travel Costs Reduced

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Key Stakeholders of GreenAir

UK Government  –  Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd.  –  E-FlightSystems Ltd  –  E-FlightLease Ltd.  –  GreenAir Ltd  –  States of Guernsey  –  States of Jersey  –  States of Alderney